In financial and wage accounting it is the client who determines the scope of our activities.

 Within the scope of classical financial accounting we do all accounting-related jobs, from picking the records, allocation to accounts through to posting including filing. We provide these services as our standard "Complete Package".

Do you do your own collection of cost accounting data wholly or partially? If so, it is possible to take over your data into our accounting program through data carrier or e-mail. This efficient task sharing is offered as "Modern Accounting".

Please contact us in order to offer you our services. 

Among other issues, our accounting comprises the following issues:

Taking on of the complete payroll and financial accounting
Setting-up and organisation of the bookkeeping, including the establishment of an individual cost plan
Correspondence with tax authorities and health insurance companies
Support with audits relating to the external wage tax and the social security
Expansion of the FiBu (financial bookkeeping) for the short-term profit and loss account with the help of monthly accruals and deferrals and calculative bookings
External company analysis
Keeping of an “open-item” bookkeeping as part of the credit management
Regular meetings referring the economic development