Legal advice

When it comes to businesses qualified legal advice is regularly needed.

Whether trade or corporate law, law of succession, labour law or the general law of contract – the relations are manifold. Besides our special area, business transfers, we give legal advice on start-ups and corporate restructuring, drafting of relevant contracts, permanent assistance in solving internal problems of a company and in drafting general contracts (e.g. tenancy, leasing contracts and contracts of sale and purchase as well as employment contracts) to mention only a few.

The synergy of legal, fiscal and commercial advice enables us to develop solutions that are exactly tailored to your personal conditions where all relevant aspects have been paid attention to.

In all other legal areas, too, we are at our clients’ disposal. We always aim at recognizing problems at an early stage so that court proceedings can be avoided.

The focuses of the legal consulting are on the following sectors:

Sale and purchase of companies
Transformation and reorganisation of companies
Contracts for commercial agents
Consulting on labour laws, i.e. employment contracts, bonus arrangements, pension commitments and labour court proceedings.
Loan agreements
Consulting in matters on inheritance, such as matrimonial property agreements and last wills of company owners
Law on criminal prosecution for tax offenders